Contact Info Object System

This object system models contact information similar to that found in the Microsoft OutlookŪ address book.

System Structure 

Visualization Sample

Instrumentation Statements:  



ContactInfoBase Description: Base class for ContactInfo objects.

Defined in:  contactinfobase.hpp and contactinfobase.cpp

ContactInfo Description: Top level class, it contains information on a contact.

Defined in:  contactinfo.hpp and contactinfo.cpp

NameInfo Description: Name information

Defined in:  nameinfo.hpp and nameinfo.cpp

HomeInfo Description: Home information

Defined in:  homeinfo.hpp and homeinfo.cpp

BusinessInfo Description: Business information

Defined in:  businessinfo.hpp and businessinfo.cpp

EmailAddresses Description: Email address list

Defined in:  emailaddresses.hpp and emailaddresses.cpp

EmailAddressInfo Description: Email address information

Defined in:  emailaddressinfo.hpp and emailaddressinfo.cpp

PersonalInfo Description: Personal information

Defined in:  personalinfo.hpp and personalinfo.cpp

RelationshipInfo Description: Relationship information

Defined in:  relationshipinfo.hpp and relationshipinfo.cpp

MiscellaneousInfo Description: Miscellaneous information

Defined in:  miscellaneousinfo.hpp and miscellaneousinfo.cpp

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