FrettedNoteTable Class 

The FrettedNoteTable class derived from VObject. It contains FrettedNote objects 

Defined in: fret.hpp and fret.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


FrettedNoteVector frettedNoteTable

A vector container derived from vvector which is an enhanced version of an STL vector. 

Member Functions


FrettedNoteTable (void)

Constructs a FrettedNoteTable object.

FrettedNoteTable (const FrettedNoteTable & fretted_note)

Constructs a FrettedNoteTable object that is a copy of the specified FrettedNoteTable .

virtual ~FrettedNoteTable (void)

FrettedNoteTable destructor

virtual void populateEditView (void)

Overrides VObject's populateEditView function and initializes the FrettedNoteVector with values that will be displayed during the view editing process.

virtual void depopulateEditView (void)

Overrides VObject's depopulateEditView function and removes the values that were used during the view editing process.

FrettedNoteTable & operator= (const FrettedNoteTable &fretted_note)

Assignment operator.

void AddNote (FrettedNote & note)

Adds a fretted note to the table.

void Clear (void)

Clears the table

FrettedNote * FindFrettedNote (unsigned short midi_number)

Finds the fretted note matching the specified midi number.

iterator begin (void)

Return an iterator that points to the beginning of the table.

iterator end (void)

Return an iterator that points to the end of the table.

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