GuitarFretboard Class 

The GuitarFretboard class derived from VObject. It models a guitar fretboard.

Defined in: guitar_fretboard.hpp and guitar_fretboard.cpp

Data Members


MusicalNoteTable noteTable

A table containing all the unique notes that can be created on the fretboard.

FretVector fretTable

A table containing the frets on the fretboard.

GuitarStringVector stringTable

A table containing the strings on the fretboard.

FrettedNoteTable allFrettedNotes

A table containing the notes created at each fret location for each string.

FrettedNoteTable activeFrettedNotes

A table containing the notes that are current being fretted.

unsigned short firstFret

Specifies the number of the first fret to be used to create the note tables.

unsigned short lastFret

Specifies the number of the first fret to be used to create the note tables.

FrettedNote * currentNotePointer

A pointer to the current fretted note..

Class Members

Member Functions


GuitarFretboard (void)

Constructs a GuitarFretboard object.

GuitarFretboard (const GuitarFretboard & fret_board)

Constructs a GuitarFretboard object that is a copy of the specified fretboard.

virtual ~GuitarFretboard (void)

GuitarFretboard destructor.

GuitarFretboard & operator= (const GuitarFretboard & fret_board)

Assignment operator.

void CreateFretTable (void)

Creates the fret table.

void CreateStringTable (void)

Creates the string table.

void CreateAllFrettedNotes (void)

Creates the fretted note table.

void CreateScale (unsigned short scale_flags, unsigned short key_flags, unsigned short first_fret, unsigned short last_fret)

Initializes the activeFrettedNotes table with the notes corresponding to the scale and key flags that can be created within the specified range of frets.

void DisplayNote (unsigned short midi_number)

Finds the fretted note corresponding to the midi number, places it in the activeFrettedNotes table and set the currentNotePointer to point to it.

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