GuitarScaleViewer Class 

The GuitarScaleViewer class is derived from VObject. It is the top level object in the system and encapsulates the functionality to create specified musical scales and map them on to a guitar fretboard.

Defined in: guitar_fretboard.hpp and guitar_fretboard.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


unsigned short keyFlags

Bit flags that specify the musical key of the scale.

unsigned short scaleFlags

Bit flags that specify the type of the scale.

unsigned short firstFret

Specifies the first fret to use in the mapping.

unsigned short lastFret

Specifies the last fret to use in the mapping.

GuitarFretboard fretBoard

The fretboard onto which the notes are mapped.

Member Functions


GuitarScaleViewer (void)

Constructs a GuitarScaleViewer object.

GuitarScaleViewer (const GuitarScaleViewer & fret_board)

Constructs a GuitarScaleViewer object that is a copy of the specified GuitarScaleViewer.

virtual ~GuitarScaleViewer (void)

GuitarScaleViewer destructor.

GuitarScaleViewer & operator= (const GuitarScaleViewer & fret_board)

Assignment operator.

void CreateScale (void)

Create the scale.

void ClearScale (void)

Clear a scale.

virtual unsigned short dataChangeNotification (void * member_ref, HVIEW h_view, unsigned short change_type)

Overrides VObject's dataChangeNotification method and allow changes in the scale and key flags to cause the scale to be automatically recreated.

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