GuitarString Class 

The GuitarString class derived from VObject. It models a guitar string.

Defined in: guitar_string.hpp and guitar_string.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


Note openNote

The lowest note that is produced by this string.

float yPosition

The relative location of the string relative to the fretboard.

Member Functions


GuitarString (void)

Constructs a GuitarString object.

GuitarString (Note & base_note, unsigned short string_position)

Constructs a GuitarString object using the specified information.

GuitarString (const GuitarString & g_string)

Constructs a GuitarString object that is copy of the specified GuitarString.

virtual ~GuitarString (void)

GuitarString destructor 

GuitarString & operator= (const GuitarString & g_string)

Assignment operator

bool operator== (const GuitarString & g_string)

Equality operator.

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