MusicalNoteTable Class 

The MusicalNoteTable class derived from VObject. It consists of a table of all the unique notes that can be created on a guitar. It provides functionality for creating subsets of notes that correspond to a particular musical scale  and key. 

Defined in: note.hpp and note.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


NoteVector noteTable

This member specify a value.

Member Functions


MusicalNoteTable (void)

Constructs a MusicalNoteTable object.

MusicalNoteTable (const MusicalNoteTable & note)

Constructs a MusicalNoteTable object that is a copy of the specified MusicalNoteTable .

virtual ~MusicalNoteTable (void)

MusicalNoteTable destructor

MusicalNoteTable & operator= (const MusicalNoteTable & note)

Assignment operator

iterator GetNoteIterator (Note & a_note)

Finds the the specified note and returns an iterator corresponding to its location in the table. 

Note * GetAbsoluteNote (char * note_name)

Finds the note with the absolute name specified in note_name. 

iterator GetRelativeNoteIterator (char * note_name)

Finds the first note with the relative name specified in note_name. 

void CreateValidNoteVector (unsigned short scale_flags, unsigned short key_flags, NoteVector & valid_notes)

Create a vector of note for the specified scale and key flags.

bool IsValidNote (Note & a_note, NoteVector & valid_notes)

Determines if the given note is in the note vector.

bool IsRootNote (Note & a_note, NoteVector & valid_notes)

Determines if the given note is a root note.

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