Note Class 

The Note class derived from VObject. It encapsulates a musical note.

Defined in: note.hpp and note.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


string relativeName

The relative non-unique name of the note (e.g. A, C#, Bb)

string absoluteName

The absolute unique name of the note (e.g. A3, C#4, D5)

unsigned short midiNumber

The MIDI number that corresponds to this note.

unsigned short frequency

The frequency of the note.

unsigned short status

Status flags.

Member Functions


Note (void)

Constructs a Note object.

Note (char * relative_name, char * absolute_name, unsigned short midi_number, unsigned short _frequency, unsigned short _status)

Constructs a Note object using the specified information.

Note (const Note & note)

Constructs a Note object that is a copy of the specified note.

virtual ~Note (void)

Note destructor

Note & operator= (const Note & note)

Assignment operator

bool operator== (const Note & note)

Equality operator

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