HomeController Class 

The HomeController class is derived from VObject. It is the top level object in the system and encapsulates the functionality of a Home control system.

Defined in: home controller.hpp and home controller.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


DeviceList deviceList

A list of the devices to be monitored.

DeviceTypes deviceTypes

A master list of device types, it contains an object of each supported device type.

DeviceTrashCan trashCan

An object which can delete DeviceController objects.

unsigned short status

Bits set that contains flags indicating system status.

Member Functions


HomeController (void)

Constructs a HomeController object.

HomeController (const HomeController & that)

Constructs a HomeController object that is a copy of the specified HomeController.

virtual ~HomeController (void)

Destructs a HomeController object.

void populateEditView (void)

Overrides VObject's populateEditView function and initializes the HomeController 's data with values that will be displayed during the view editing process.

HomeController & operator= (const HomeController & that)

Assignment operator.

void processCommand (unsigned short device_mask, unsigned long command)

Sends the specified command to all devices specified in the device mask.

void lockDoors (void)

Lock all doors.

void unlockDoors (void)

Unlock all doors.

void lockWindows (void)

Lock all windows.

void unlockWindows (void)

Unlock all windows.

void turnOnLights (void)

Turn on all lights

void turnOffLights (void)

Turn off all lights.

void enableAlarms (void)

Enable all alarms.

void disableAlarms (void)

Disable all alarms.

void enableOutlets (void)

Enable all outlets.

void disableOutlets (void)

Disable all outlets.

void selectAll (void)

Select all controllers.

void clearSelection (void)

Clear selection.

void enableSelectedItems (void)

Enable selected controllers.

void disableSelectedItems (void)

Disable selected controllers.

void deleteSelectedItems (void)

Delete selected controllers.

ostream & operator<< (ostream & stream)

Writes the HomeController's data to the specified output stream.

istream & operator>> (istream & stream)

Read the HomeController's data to the specified input stream.


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