LightController Class

The LightController class is derived from DeviceController and models an light controller that turns the light on and off and adjusts it brightness.

Defined in:  devices.hpp and devices.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


unsigned short brightness

Relative brightness of the light. 

unsigned short wattage

The wattage of the light.

Member Functions


LightController (void)

Constructs a LightController object.

LightController (const LightController & that)

Constructs a DeviceController object that is a copy of the specified DeviceController.

virtual ~LightController (void)

Destructor of class LightController.

virtual DeviceController * createCopy (void)

Overrides DeviceController's createCopy function.

LightController & operator= (const LightController &that)

Assignment operator.

virtual ostream & operator<< (ostream & stream)

Writes the LightController's data to the specified output stream.

virtual istream & operator>> (istream & stream)

Read  the LightController's data to the specified input stream.

virtual bool processCommand (unsigned long command)

Overrides DeviceController's processCommand function.

void turnOn (void)

Turn on the light.

void turnOff (void)

Turn off the light.

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