Thermostat Class 

The Thermostat  class is derived from DeviceController and models a thermostat that controls a heating and cooling system.

Defined in:  devices.hpp and devices.cpp

Class Members

Data Members


float minTemp

The minimum allowable temperature.

float maxTemp

The maximum allowable temperature.

float currentTemp

The current temperature.

Member Functions


Thermostat (void)

Constructs a Thermostat object.

Thermostat (const Thermostat & that)

Constructs a DeviceController object that is a copy of the specified DeviceController.

virtual ~Thermostat (void)

Destructor of class Thermostat.

virtual DeviceController * createCopy (void)

Overrides DeviceController's createCopy function.

Thermostat & operator= (const Thermostat &that)

Assignment operator.

virtual ostream & operator<< (ostream & stream)

Writes the Thermostat 's data to the specified output stream.

virtual istream &  (istream & stream)

Read  the Thermostat's data to the specified input stream.

virtual bool processCommand (unsigned long command)

Overrides DeviceController's processCommand function.

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