Outerface Technologies would like to introduce a revolutionary new Object-Oriented User Interface Technology called Outerfacing. We believe that it is going to fundamentally change the way that you create UI's for your object systems, because it eliminates the concept of and need for a “Coded UI”. By this, we mean any User Interface that is the result of writing or generating program logic to create and layout UI controls and to populate them with data from an object system. Presently this is the only way UI’s can be created. As we all know, creating UI’s in this manner is a painstakingly complex and tedious process requiring specialized skills and many hours of coding.

Visualize your object systems with Outerfacing and you can create state of the art User Interfaces without writing a single line of UI code!!!

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Outerfacing is based on a powerful new paradigm for creating User Interfaces for object systems called Object Visualization. This paradigm replaces the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm on which almost all current UI technology is based. By utilizing the inherent structure found in an object system, it eliminates the need for the View and Controller portions of the MVC paradigm and all its attendant code requirements. In their place Object Visualization gives the objects in the object system the inherent ability to be visualized and interacted with directly. Instead of having to write large amounts of UI code to implement the view and controller as is required with the MVC, Object Visualization places an outer face of UI elements over the object system structure and utilizes the internal state of the objects to control their appearance and behavior. This enables the entire UI for an object system to be created without having to write a single line of UI code. Since creating the UI often accounts for over half of the entire programming effort, we firmly believe that this new paradigm is going to revolutionize the way that User Interfaces are developed.

Outerfacing, the technology that we have created, implements the Object Visualization paradigm. It provides a means for accessing the object system structure and a means for describing which UI controls to use to visualize an object and its members. Outerfacing provides support for storing and retrieving these descriptions and using them to dynamically visualize the objects in an object system. This enables an object system to have an unlimited number of visual representations without having to create any UI code at all! (see our technology section for a detailed description)

Our initial product based on Outerfacing technology is Visibility for C++ Windows Edition. As the name implies it enables object systems written in C++ to be visualized and interacted via a state of the art GUI on the Windows platform. We have plans to support other O-O languages and platforms in the near future. A fully functional free evaluation version of Visibility for C++ Windows Edition is available for download. Give it a try! We are sure that once you experience the power and ease of use of Outerfacing you will never want to write another line of UI code again!

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