Visibility for C++

This is our initial product based on Outerfacing technology. It brings the power of object visualization to C++ programs written for the Windows platform. It will enable you to create state of the art Window GUI's for you C++ object systems without writing a single line of UI code!!! Not matter how large or complex your object system, Visibility for C++ will make creating a UI for it a breeze.

You don't have to take our word for it however. Download a fully functional evaluation copy and see for yourself. In no time you will be creating UI visualization of the objects in your object system and you won't have to write a single line of UI code or have any advanced knowledge of UI programming techniques.

Visibility for C++ is truly a remarkable product unlike any product on the market today. Instead of having to spend weeks and months to become proficient with a particular GUI tool and then spending weeks and months creating your GUI, you create a state of the art UI in a couple of days.


  1. Supports the visualization of all the fundamental C++ data types using appropriate windows GUI controls.
    1. Text variables (string, char *, unsigned char *) can be visualized as edit boxes, static text, list boxes.
    2. Numerical variables (float, int, long…) can be visualized as edit boxes, static text, list boxes, gauges, sliders.
  2. Supports visualization of STL strings as edit boxes, static text, list boxes, etc
  3. Supports visualization of STL containers using list view controls, tree view controls.
  4. Visualize your objects as top level windows, dialogs, tabbed property pages, dynamic bitmaps.
  5. Visualize child objects within parent objects.
  6. Visualizations can be placed into existing windows created using MFC or other similar libraries.
  7. Create 2-d mapped views.
  8. Automatic data synchronization between the GUI and the object system.
  9. Drag and drop objects between visualized STL containers.
  10. Drag and copy object contents between two objects of the same type.
  11. Extremely easy to use. If you can create a C++ class, then you have all the skills necessary to create a state of the art Windows UI for the classes and object systems that you create.

Supported platforms

  1. Windows® 98/Me/2000/Xp

Supported compilers
  1. Visual C++ 6.0 SP3
  2. Visual Studio.NET C++ 7.0
  3. Visual Studio 2005

We are currently in Beta and have not released a version available for purchase. If you would like to download an evaluation version and be notified when a full release version is available please click on the link below.
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